The Sarl MARION is located in Grimaud near Saint-Tropez in the Var. She has been operating several reed beds since 2005 and offers raw cane directly to musicians, dealers and wholesalers.

The Sarl MARION cultivates Var canes of a very high quality which are very appreciated by the greatest musicians.

The Var is the department where you cultivate the best music canes of the world thanks to a very mild climate with a lot of sun and Mistral. The roots of the canes of the Sarl MARION were planted in our reed beds long ago and they multiply over time in the soil. Young shoots appear every year and after a few weeks their diameter is determined and remains the same until cutting. At the age of one year the canes reach their final size (about 5 to 6 meters).

Harvesting is done manually during the winter and only the 2-year-old canes are cut to guarantee a high quality product. The canes are cut one by one using shears so as not to damage them. During the harvest, we control all young shoots and keep only those that have a diameter consistent with the manufacture of future reeds.

All our canes are sorted and selected with precision. They are then grouped in bundles and assembled into bells before they are cleaned. The Sarl MARION exposes the canes under the sun Varois to brown them, and then stores them in ventilated warehouses where they dry naturally for two years. Once the drying is complete, we remove the knots in order to obtain perfect tubes. Depending on their diameter and thickness, these tubes will be used in the manufacture of different types of reeds.