Tip Profiling Machine for Bassoon – Unit

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Tip Profiling Machine for Bassoon. Delivered in a carrying case.



A: Mandrel
B: Block material in steel (made of material for food)marking line
C: The knob
D: The bushing
E: The bushing
F: Turret
G: Blade stainless steel

  1. Put the reed in the Mandrel.( A)
    2. Place the reed until the Block’s marking line.(B)
    3. Center the reed according to the tracking block.(B)
    4. Lock the knob taper pin after the reed is put in the block.(C)
    5. Block the reed through the rotation of the plate (hook), if not lock up, move to the right or left the 2 bushings
    6. To obtain the reed’s length of the gap use the bushing.(E)
    7. Lower the carriage, place the block horizontaly, Gently press and slide the carriage back and forth, from the
    center of the reed to the end in a progressive way
    8. Be careful to adjust the removal of the reed, act in the turret, slightly loosen the locking screw side and act
    through the adjusting screw + or -.(F)
    9.To obtain the most thickness of the reed rotate the adjusting screw counterclockwise; to get less thickness turn the screw clockwise
    10. The thickness is obtain from the blade’s leakage compared to the support surface.(G)
    The machine consists of an aluminum base Avional, the carriage and brass columns and the remaining parts
    in stainless steel-plated.
    Weight gr. 1.700

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Weight 2.485 kg