Rigotti Gold / the Red one Tenor coupe classique boîte de 5



Rigotti Gold / The Red One – Box of  5

The reed of var (France) worked by the Rigotti family is renowned for being of remarkable texture and quality, and is selected among the best harvests.

Our reeds are available in the following strengths: 1 – 11/2 – 2 – 21/2 – 3 – 31/2– 4 – 41/2 – 5

For musicians who want more precision in their strength, we offer sub-measures (Light, Medium, Strong). The Strong being harder than the Medium, and the Medium being harder than the Light. It’s not a difference in tone. There are no sub-measures for forces 1 – 11/2 et 5

For example: A musician who plays the number 3 and who likes only the strong reeds will be able to choose a box of strength reeds 3 Strong. Thus, all the reeds of his box will suit him and he will have less losses. All the reeds in his box will have the same strength.

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